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We're always looking to plaster and create the next amazing pool, and we'd love for it to be yours. Reach out to us anytime and we will get back to set up an appointment to discuss the project and quotes.


Serving our customers is our top priority. We look forward to hearing from you.

"[Tempool] has actually gone out of their way to accommodate my busy schedule and I really appreciated that."

-Kevin Follett

"Incomparable quality and dedication to the industry!"

-Murillo Reis

"Tempool refinished my pool last Summer, and we love it!"

-Josiah Azakiah

"Tempool evaluates a large variety of products for manufacturers, so they know the best to use in construction."

"They drained, prepped, and put new marcite in my pool - it transformed the entire back yard."

-William Cookston

Our Executive Team

Our team at Tempool Inc consists of over 36 plasters and management personal. Below are the heads of our various departments with contact information. Reach out anytime!

Jon Temple, Founder & Lead Trainer

Jon Temple

Founder, CEO

Robert Abinuman Headshot

Robert Abinuman

Department Head for Plaster

Chris Ahne Headshot

Chris 'Bumper' Ahne

Department Head for Preparation

Tim Estrada Headshot

Tim Estrada

Finishing Technician

Tempool Inc.

1512 Millcoe Road, Jacksonville, Fl 32225
PHONE: (904) 724-8967
FAX: (904) 724-8155



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At Tempool, we have seen many cycles of growth and change since our humble beginnings in 1992.  We recently went through yet another transition with our equipment and infrastructure being significantly upgraded.

As the economy continues to improve and the trend shifts towards homeowners reinvesting in their own backyards, the volume of remodels and finish jobs has been great.  This demand, has put strain and wear on much of our existing equipment.  Instead of viewing the need for new equipment as a financial burden, I saw it as an opportunity for growth, innovation, and a means of up leveling the standard in our industry.

In previous blog entries (Identifying the Go To Applicator), I’ve touched on the importance of finding the right applicator with the mission of doing things in the right way (to further develop our craft and produce the best results for you, the homeowner).  You must ask yourself a few basic questions when selecting a trusted contractor. Will the crew with one truck and an exhausted tow behind mixer be in business for the long haul?  Will he and his crew support and honor a product warranty and their work? What happens when there are product complications or if they go out of business?  In my experience, the answer is often no, and you are out of luck.  There are quite a few unqualified companies out there that are looking to cut corners with their equipment and tools just to save a buck.  If you don’t care enough to reinvest in your own business, what corners will one cut on a job?

For this reason, we feel that it is important to always take pride in acquiring the best equipment and tools, along with properly maintaining them in order to yield the absolute best and most timely pool finish results for our customers.  Furthermore, great equipment must be backed by a knowledgeable team and strong experience.  With our recent equipment and infrastructure upgrade, we have added two new Ford F-650 flatbeds equipped with the most state of the art mixing system ever manufactured.  In fact, Tempool is one of one of only 5 other applicators in the U.S. with this technology.  This mixing system can produce large volumes of plaster with accuracy, consistency, and reliability.  This impacts your overall finish by ensuring that there are minimal mixing errors and decreases the likelihood of a job/crew not finishing on time.  At Tempool, we are looking to deliver the most professional and satisfying experience with your pool renovation along with a stunning pool finish that will last years to come.  At the end of the day, we want you to get the most out of your pool and deliver the most long-lasting pool finish available, no matter what it takes to produce the absolute best results.

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