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Contact the Tempool Inc Team

We're always looking to plaster and create the next amazing pool, and we'd love for it to be yours. Reach out to us anytime and we will get back to set up an appointment to discuss the project and quotes.


Serving our customers is our top priority. We look forward to hearing from you.

"[Tempool] has actually gone out of their way to accommodate my busy schedule and I really appreciated that."

-Kevin Follett

"Incomparable quality and dedication to the industry!"

-Murillo Reis

"Tempool refinished my pool last Summer, and we love it!"

-Josiah Azakiah

"Tempool evaluates a large variety of products for manufacturers, so they know the best to use in construction."

"They drained, prepped, and put new marcite in my pool - it transformed the entire back yard."

-William Cookston

Our Executive Team

Our team at Tempool Inc consists of over 36 plasters and management personal. Below are the heads of our various departments with contact information. Reach out anytime!

Jon Temple, Founder & Lead Trainer

Jon Temple

Founder, CEO

Robert Abinuman Headshot

Robert Abinuman

Department Head for Plaster

Chris Ahne Headshot

Chris 'Bumper' Ahne

Department Head for Preparation

Tim Estrada Headshot

Tim Estrada

Finishing Technician

Tempool Inc.

1512 Millcoe Road, Jacksonville, Fl 32225
PHONE: (904) 724-8967
FAX: (904) 724-8155

Aruba Plaster Job For Willy’s Pools

Aruba Plaster job for Willy’s Pools

Back in November I flew down to Aruba with Don Pugh, Caribbean Territory Sales Manager for CL Industries to consult on a new plaster job for Willy’s Pools. Willy de Cuba, owner of Willy’s Pools used Diamond Brite to finish his pools for years, but decided to give CL Industries Sunstone product a try. Realizing he needed some assistance to apply the new product he contacted CL Industries and they recommended using Tempool to consult.

Don contacted us, and Jon sent me to coordinate and consult on the project. The pool had been prepped and the material was purchased and shipped by the time we arrived. Willy and I hit it off and the project went off without a hitch. Typically it took Willy an entire day to finish one pool, but with our assistance were able to finish this job in a few hours. Willy treated us to steaks at an Argentinean steakhouse before we headed back home.

A few weeks later I got a call from Willy letting me know he and his wife would be in Orlando, FL for the holidays. They invited my wife and I to join them for New Year’s Eve. We had a blast, they’re truly genuine people! They even paid a visit to the Tempool shop in Jacksonville while they were in the states.

We pride ourselves on the quality of work we do and providing our customers with top notch service. It’s great to build friendships and business relationships at the same time!

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