About Tempool Inc.

Founded in 1992 by swimming pool plaster expert Jon Temple

Founded in 1992 by swimming pool plaster expert Jon Temple, Tempool Inc. has plastered over 30,000 pools. From humble beginnings in Jacksonville, Florida, the company started with one employee, an old van and a mixer. With a commitment to quality, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Tempool has grown to 36 employees and has plastered pools throughout the United States, Central America, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East. Pool builders and plaster manufacturers worldwide look to Jon and his crew for their expertise and knowledge.


We take training our employees very seriously at Tempool Inc. We often hire people with no prior pool plastering experience. All of our new hires undergo an extensive apprenticeship program where they train on every aspect of the plastering process starting with material mixing. Our goal is to have our laborers form good habits and have a working knowledge of the entire process of plastering a swimming pool from prepping the shell, to proper troweling techniques, to the exposure process, and finally the start-up.

Social Responsibility

Everyone working for Tempool is an investment in the future of the company. We offer employees the opportunity to learn and master a trade that will provide them with a career and a chance at upward mobility. We are firmly committed to our community and doing our part to better the people who work for us. We also offer the experience of traveling the world and learning about other cultures while applying this hand craft of plastering. The support of various charities and organizations that help children and families in need is firmly entrenched in our company mission.

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