training logoTempool Inc. has been in business for 20 years and has plastered over 30,000 swimming pools.  The president of Tempool Inc., Jon Temple, has been in the pool plastering industry for 27 years. In the past 20 years, we have field trained a broad base of pool plaster companies all over the U.S and other parts of the world. Some of these countries include Canada, Spain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, St. Thomas, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad, Mexico, Honduras, Aruba, England and Cost Rica. Currently, we are working with clients to secure pool plaster applications in Hong Kong, Grenada, Japan, and Panama. After so many installs and proven application methods; many architects and engineers are specifying both on the domestic and international level “The Tempool Method” of application on the blue prints and or job plans.


We have a renowned reputation, making us a well sought after company when it comes to plastering luxurious resort pools as well as residential and commercial swimming pools.  Foreign countries, and cities across the United States seek our skill and workmanship; along with the art of teaching pool plastering and plaster maintenance.  After extensive travel and the realization of our proven methods, Tempool Inc. felt there was an overwhelming need to further educate our industry. Over the last 10 years Tempool Inc. has given many classes and training seminars to countless plaster company’s both domestic and foreign. These pool plaster installation crews have come to our training facility in Jacksonville, Fl. from locations including Canada, England, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, California, Tennessee, and Louisiana. There is no better way to learn and understand the application of pool plaster techniques than to learn it from the industry leader of such concepts. Tempool Inc. implemented our training classes and field training seminars after realizing that the only available trade knowledge being put out to our industry was being conceived from organization members and distribution employees that have never even installed an interior pool finish. “Big Box” Distribution companies as with the National Plaster Council are set up to sell materials with little or no experience of installing such products being passed on to the consumer. When the sale of the material becomes more important than the integrity of our pool plaster industry; it makes no sense to support such organizations. For these obvious reasons Tempool Inc. will continue to make training and education available to all pool plaster professionals that wish to better the standards of our craft. It should be known that many of our employees are bi-lingual which can obviously assist in the communication during our training seminars.


Most of our original employees that started with Tempool Inc. are still here with us today. These same employees are highly visible at our classes and training seminars. It is also these employees that are passing on years of experience to all in attendance. It most certainly brings comfort to our trainees and class attendants when they see the same faces year after year, knowing that they are able to strengthen the professional relationships and bonds that we all share together.


Tempool Inc. is available any time throughout the year to provide onsite training here in Jacksonville, Fl. Also, as we do every year; offer a hands-on seminar here at our training facility in early October 2016. Training to our future partners is always free to attendees. Just show up at our facility and we handle the rest. Our October hands-on seminar is a great place for industry professionals to meet and create long term relationships with vendors and manufactures’. Past seminar attendees include: Jack’s Magic, Surface Science, Blast-Crete, CL Industries, Vak-Pak Builders Supply, SGM, Pebble-Tec, Wet Edge, SCP, and A&A Manufacturing.


In the coming weeks we will make available a registration form for our October class to all interested attendees. It is our goal to work together as partners towards a prosperous future.  As always, we value your thoughts and feedback, which makes us a stronger and more valuable company.






An appreciated word from an esteemed client in Panama
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