We offer group classes in our state of the art training facility on all aspects of swimming pool plastering.


Pool Plaster Training Classes

For years we’ve been teaching industry professionals from all over the world about proper pool plastering techniques and water chemistry, so we created an all encompassing training program to help everyone improve their craft. Watch the video below highlighting our most recent pool plaster training class.

About The Training Classes

Our new program is a culmination of decades of field experience from around the world. You’ll learn from bi-lingual instructors that have personally plastered thousands of residential and commercial pools.

Our hands on classes teach everything from pool preparation to mixing equipment and mixing procedures to proper trowel techniques and crew workflow. You’ll also learn different exposure techniques, acid and pressure washing, as well as how to use polishing tools. Our knowledgeable instructors will also walk you through patching plaster voids and how to properly waterproof the pool shell and drains.

Shell Prepping

One of the most important steps in the plaster process is prepping the shell. So many problems can be avoided when a shell is properly prepped.


From mixing equipment to every variety of plaster material, we'll teach you everything you need to know to be successful.

Application & Trowel Techniques

We teach application of quartz, pebble, and polished marble products as well as proper troweling techniques, tools, and crew workflow.


Over the years we've developed a two brush exposure system that we highly recommend to reduce potential problems after startup.

Start Up, Chemistry & Stain Removal

Water chemistry is crucial to the start up procedure and to help eliminate future scaling and staining issues. Should these problems arise we also teach a stain removal class.

And Much More

Our classes are designed to be fun and informative. Whether you're a Pro or a Greenhorn there's something for everyone!

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